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Date:  July 16th , 2015

Instruction: Powerlife Nutrition Co.,Ltdis a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production and marketing into whole, which has many years of experience in producing steroid hormone products.
Our group organizes the production strictly according to the GMP standard. With perfect equipment, advanced detecting instruments and excellent staff, Powerlife Nutrition  guarantees to provide high-quality API and intermediate.
Our main products including: cortical hormone, progestogen, male hormone, female hormone, assimilable proteins and intermediate. Over 90% of them are exported to North America , European, Southeast Asia , Africa and South America , and are welcomed and trusted by the customer with our excellent product, competitive price and .  We only supply real and high quality steroids powder to bodybuilders, resellers and research labs all over the world. We need safe and reliable buyers.    We also guarantee 100% safe delivery to you, if seized by customs, we have resend policy. But the seized rate is really small.



Product Name CAS NO. Price for G Price for Kgs
Raw products      
17a-Methyl-1-Testosterone 65-04-3 US$6.0/g US$3600/Kg
Anastrozole (Arimidex) 120511-73-1 US$28/g US$15000/Kg
Boldenone 846-48-0 US$3.0/g US$1300/Kg
Boldenone undecylenate (EQ) 13103-34-9 US$2.5/g US$1300/Kg
Clomiphene Citrate(Clomid) 50-41-9 US$2.5g US$800/Kg
Tamoxifen Citrate 10540-29-1 US$2.5/g US$800/Kg
Nolvadex 54965-24-1 US$2.5/g US$800/kg
Sildenafil(Viagra) 139755-83-2 US$1.0/g US$300/Kg
Tadalafil (Cialis) 171596-29-5 US$2.0/g US$800/Kg
Letrozole (Femara) 112809-51-5 US$5.0/g US$2500/Kg
Exemestane(Aromasin) 107868-30-4 US$8.0/g US$6000/Kg
Formestane 566-48-3 US$3.0/g US$1600/Kg
Mesterolone(Proviron) 1424-00-6 US$6.0/g US$ 3600/Kg
Methandrostenolone (Dianabol) 72-63-9 US$3.0/g US$1600/Kg
Methenolone Acetate 434-05-9 US$19/g US$13000/Kg
Methenolone Enanthate 303-42-4 US$19/g US$13000/Kg
Turinabol 2446-23-3 US$6.0/g US$3600/Kg
Nandrolone 434-22-0 -- --
Nandrolone decanoate 360-70-3 US$3.0/g US$1800/Kg
Nandrolone phenylpropionate 62-90-8 US$3.0/g US$1800/Kg
Oxymetholone (Anadrol) 434-07-1 US$2.5/g US$1600/Kg
Stanozolol Coarse (Winstrol) 10418-03-8 US$2.5/g US$1600/Kg
Stanozolol Micronized (Winstrol) 10418-03-8 US$3.0/g US$ 1800/Kg
Oxandrolone (Anavar) 53-39-4 US$7.0/g US$4800/Kg
Drostanolone enanthate 1923-17-7 US$7.0/g US$4200/Kg
Drostanolone propionate (Masteron) 521-12-0 US$7.0/g US$4200/Kg
Methyl-Drostanolone(superdrol) 3381-88-2 US$7.0/g US$4000/Kg
Mebolazine 3625-7-8 US$10.0/g US$5000/Kg
Trenbolone Acetate 10161-34-9 US$7.0/g US$4800/Kg
Trenbolone enanthate 472-61-546 US$7.0/g US$4800/Kg
Trenbolone cyclohexylmethylcarbonate (Parabolan) US$23.0/g US$15800/Kg
Methyltrienolone 965-93-5 US$50/g US$30000/Kg
testosterone 58-22-0 US$1.8/g US$700/Kg
Methyl-testosterone 58-18-4 US$1.9/g US$1000/Kg
Testosterone cypionate 58-20-8 US$1.9/g US$800/Kg
Testosterone decanoate 5721-91-5 US$1.9/g US$800/Kg
Testosterone enanthate 315-37-7 US$1.9/g US$800/Kg
Testosterone Isocaproate 15262-86-9 US$2.2/g US$1300/Kg
Testosterone phenylpropionate 1255-49-8 US$1.9/g US$800/Kg
Testosterone propionate 57-85-2 US$1.7/g US$700/Kg
Testosterone undecanoate 5949-44-0 US$2.0/g US$1000/Kg
Testosterone-Sustanon250 68924-89-0 US$2.0/g US$1100/Kg
4-Chlorotestosterone acetate 855-19-6 US$4.0/g US$ 2000/Kg
Fluoxymesterone(halotesin) 76-43-7 US$50/g US$30000/Kg
T3(LIOTHYRONIN/triiodothyronine) 5817-39-0 US$30/g US$15000/Kg
Finished products      
HMG 75iu/vial 6vials/kit US$80/kit NEW
HCG 5000iu/vial 10vials/kit US$100/kit  
HGH(Somatotropin/blue top/green top ) 100iu/kit 10iu/vial 10vials/kit US$120/kit  
jintropin HGH 100iu/kit 10iu/vial 10vials/kit US$130/kit  
kigtropin HGH 100iu/kit 10iu/vial 10vials/kit US$130/kit  
hygetropin HGH 200iu/kit 8iu/vial 25vials/kit US$250/kit  
ansume HGH 100iu/kit 10iu/vial 10vials/kit US$130/kit  
Melanotan 1 10mg/vial 10vials/kit US$100/kit  
Melanotan 2 10mg/vial 10vials/kit US$100/kit  
IGF LR3 -1 1mg(1000mcg)/vial 10vials/kit US$320/kit  
IGF LR3 -0.1 0.1mg(100mcg)/vial 10vials/kit US$120/kit  
IGF LR3 -1(igtropin) 1000mcg/vial 10vials/kit US$400/kit  
IGF LR3 -0.1(igtropin) 100mcg/vial 10vials/kit US$150/kit  
flag 176-191 5mg/vial 10vials/kit US$120/kit  
Erythropoietin(EPO) powder -3000iu/vial 5vial/kit US$60/kit  
Erythropoietin(EPO)  injection -3000iu/vial 5vial/kit US$70/kit  
CJC-1295 WITH DAC 2mg/vial 10vial/kit US$120/kit  
CJC-1295 without DAC 2mg/vial 10vial/kit US$60/kit  
PT141 10mg/vial 10vial/kit US$100/kit  
hexarelin 2mg/vial 10vial/kit US$60/kit  
hexarelin 5mg/vial 10vial/kit US$100/kit  
ipamorelin 2mg/vial 10vial/kit US$50/kit  
ipamorelin 5mg/vial 10vial/kit US$90/kit  
TB-500 2mg/vial 10vial/kit US$80/kit  
sermorelin 2mg/vial 10vial/kit US$60/kit  
PEG-MGF 2mg/vial 10vial/kit US$150/kit  
DSIP 1mg/vial 10vial/kit US$40/kit  
GHRP-2(Pralmorelin) 5mg/vial 10vial/kit US$60/kit  
GHRP-6 5mg/vial 10vial/kit US$60/kit  
Triptorelin 100mcg GNRH 100ug/vial 10vial/kit US$60/kit  
ghrh 2mg/vial 10vial/kit US$80/kit  
Tesamorelin 2mg/vial 10vial/kit US$120/kit  
-- -- --  
Nandrolone decanoate  200mg/ml*10ml/bottle 35usd/bottle  
 Nandrolone decanoate 250mg/ml*10ml/bottle 40usd/bottle  
 Nandrolone decanoate 300mg/ml*10ml/bottle 45usd/bottle  
Testosterone propionate 100mg/ml*10ml/bottle 25usd/bottle  
Testosterone enanthate 250mg/ml*10ml/bottle 35usd/bottle  
Testosterone-Sustanon250 250mg/ml*10ml/bottle 35usd/bottle  
Testosterone cypionate 100mg/ml*10ml/bottle 35usd/bottle  
Boldenone undecylenate (EQ) 250mg/ml*10ml/bottle 40usd/bottle  
Boldenone 250mg/ml*10ml/bottle 40usd/bottle  
Drostanolone enanthate 100mg/ml*10ml/bottle 45usd/bottle  
Drostanolone propionate (Masteron) 100mg/ml*10ml/bottle 45usd/bottle  
Trenbolone Acetate 100mg/ml*10ml/bottle 45usd/bottle  
Trenbolone enanthate 100mg/ml*10ml/bottle 45usd/bottle  
Methenolone(primobolan) 100mg/ml*10ml/bottle 70usd/bottle  
Methenolone Acetate 100mg/ml*10ml/bottle 70usd/bottle  
Methenolone Enanthate 100mg/ml*10ml/bottle 70usd/bottle  
Turinabol 10mg/piece*100p/bottle 35usd/bottle  
Oxymetholone (Anadrol) 50mg/piece*100p/bottle 50usd/bottle  
Methandrostenolone (Dianabol) 10mg/piece*100p/bottle 30usd/bottle  
Oxandrolone (Anavar) 10mg/piece*100p/bottle 30usd/bottle  
Oxandrolone (Anavar)  50mg/piece*100p/bottle 60usd/bottle  
Stanozolol Micronized (Winstrol) 10mg/piece*100p/bottle 25usd/bottle  
Stanozolol Micronized (Winstrol)  20mg/piece*100p/bottle 35usd/bottle  
Clomiphene (Clomid) 50mg/pill 20pill/box 20usd/bottle  
Tamoxifen(Nolvadex) 10mg/pill 60pill/box 20usd/bottle  
Fluoxymesterone(halotesin) 10mg/piece*100p/bottle 85usd/bottle  
Anastrozole (Arimidex) 1mg/piece*100pills/box 50usd/bottle  
Mesterolone(Proviron) 10mg/piece*100p/bottle 35usd/bottle  
Tadalafil (Cialis) 20mg/pill 100p/bottle 50usd/bottle NEW 
Sildenafil(Viagra) 50mg/pill  100p/bottle  50usd/bottle NEW 
Exemestane(Aromasin) 10mg/piece*100p/bottle 60usd/bottle NEW 
Lasix 20mg/piece*100p/bottle 30usd/bottle NEW 
Aldactone 20mg/piece*100p/bottle 30usd/bottle NEW 
Winstrol- injection   50mg/ml*10ml/bottle 40usd/bottle NEW 

1. All prices quoted herein are US dollars
2. Prices quoted herein for merchandise only are valid for 60 days from Quotation Date
3. Payment: Western Union,moneygram or TT、offshore account to our bank account

4. Min. order quantity: as your request